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We all know WATER is the greatest enemy when it comes to fuel pumps, and compressors.

When you have water, vapor or condensation, you have a problem. Our filters eliminate this problem.  Our graphs show just how well the Waterguard filter performs.  Best of all it REMOVES 3-4 TIMES MORE WATER than our competition therefore you have longer lasting filters.

Get The Water Out !!

Compressor 2.jpg

It only takes ONE FILTER to do it.  Waterguard

Filters are the ONLY UL CERTIFIED PATENTED FILTER on the market proven to remove free and emulsified water and particulates from gasoline, ethanol blended, diesel, and bio-diesel.  Our filters can also hold up to 12-OUNCES, which is 4 TIMES more than any other filter on the market!  When the filter is full, the flow of fuel greatly slows down.  Not only do these filters tackle fuel pumps, they also eliminate water condensation from compressors.  Available in many sizes and connections.

Water as Liquid.png
Water as Vapor Test.png
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