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US Patent # 7425266B2.



Removes free and emulsified water from:


Blended Gasoline

Alcohol Based

Regualr Fuel




Lubricating Oil Hydraulic Oil Transformer Oil

Turbine Oil 




Oil & Gas







WaterGuard Technology Products Co's Patented Filter Technology allows one filter to remove water from regular blended gasoline and diesel fuels and from alcohol blended gasoline and bio-diesel fuels. 

This new technology filter was developed to prevent water or separated alcohol from being dispensed into a customer's vehicle by a service station or C-Store that is dispensing alcohol-blended gasoline. The filters technology represents advancements in chemistry that allows the WaterGuard Filter to remove water even if the fuel contains E-85 levels of alcohol. 

Each WaterGuard Dispenser Filter can remove and hold up to 12-ounces of water from a dispenser's hose flow-stream, and do so, even if the water is bonded to separated alcohol. On reaching their water or separated alcohol holding capacity these filters will slow their flow to prevent engine damaging water or separated alcohol from being dispensed into a customer's vehicle, motor sport vehicle or boat. 



A Patented Water Removing Filter Technology

for Hydrocarbon based fluids.


The WaterGuard Filter also acts as a monitor to alert station managers when water or separated alcohol has developed in their bulk tanks. By being designed to slow its flow when its water or separated-alcohol holding capacity has been reached, the frequency of the filter-changes will alert station managers when water or alcohol separation has developed in the bulk tank. 

WaterGuard Filters will out last current filters when filtering similar fuels. However, if more frequent changes start to be required, the filter is acting as a monitor, indicating that water has accumulated in the bulk tank and that the separation of alcohol can be taking place.

When this happens, the WaterGuard Tank Cleaning System can be used to transfer the liquid phase of separated alcohol and water from the bottom of the tank into a drum that is topside for ease of disposal, and then, it will filter at 30-GPM the gasoline that is remaining in the tank to remove solid particulates to ten-micron size and the water that is held suspended by the alcohol that was blended into the gasoline. 

When this is done, the separation of alcohol will be stopped, the gasoline will be clean and water free and the need to dispose of the gasoline as is now the case when separated alcohol appears will be eliminated. The WaterGuard Tank Cleaning System contains four WaterGuard Cartridge Filters that can remove approximately one gallon of water per filter before they will slow their flow to require that the filter be changed.

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